General data

I was a little over 6 ft tall, but am shrinking a little. I weigh 139 lb. My lipid screens are pretty good. I'm in my 70s and I take no prescription medications. I do take a cheap, generic antihistamine tablet daily (chlorpheniramine), and occasional pseudo ephedrine. Once or twice a week, Ann feeds me 1 multi-vitamin, 1 81 mg  aspirin, 1 vitamin D3, 1 manganese tablet.

Because of military service and international travel, I've had an amazing list of immunizations. We get high-dose flu shots every year, as well as periodic DPT, shingles, and pneumonia vaccinations.

I go to the health club usually 5 days a week. If it's not icy, we walk almost every day. I'm up and down the stairs several times a day to my office. A month ago, I cut down 6 trees for a neighbor. Still, I'm often a little sedentary and read 90 books a year, mostly non-fiction.

The most significant characteristic of my diet is LOW-sugar.
The second main characteristic is fat: no trans-fat, limited saturated fat, plenty of mono-unsaturated fat. That means olive oil for salad dressing, and plenty of peanut butter.

I plan to live until I'm 96. That means eat well, stay active, and stay socially engaged.


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